Monday, February 14, 2005

Im Back!

Hello peoples!

It's now been a couple of weeks since I last smoked weed and I feel fan-fucking-tastic! Pardon my language :)

Physically I feel great with the exception of my scalp, which I shaved bald and then got sunburned quite severely (LOL) while catching squid along the South Australian coastline.

Thanks again for all the support people are giving me, it's quite reassuring to know that people respect me for not only acknowledging that I had an addiction but that I'm doing my best to give it up and get myself in gear.
Speaking of which I may not be posting to this blog much anymore... I'm going to start a new one that starts off on a brighter subject lol... I just think that some people may be inherently put off from reading this blog because of it's title and original subject.

If anyone wants to get in touch you can just leave a comment and I'll reply via email :)
If somehow, miraculously, millions of people start sending comments I will post the name of my new blog here :)

Bye for now!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

No more counting...

Im no longer counting the days because it seems to be making it harder to keep my mind away from smoking weed...

I dont need to count the days anyway, the blog shows when i post stuff...

Im not real popular with my friends it seems. I don't have any friends anymore, that is so sad. But what's sadder is that I was content to just pretend they liked me for me just so I could smoke weed with them and have someone to hang around.

This wont be a long post, but I think it shows where I'm at...

until next time, thanx for reading :)

Heres a pic of my can holder ... I just thought I'd share it with you to see if I could work out how to post a picture lol

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Days 2, 3 and 4

Well that was my first weekend in AGES without smoking weed... my eyes feel huge!!!!!

Thanks for all your words of support and encouragement, I don't get too much support from my friends because they still smoke it and I don't think they want me to succeed in giving it up... I have no idea why, perhaps because it would make them have to reflect on their own lives and see where they're at and where they're going... or maybe theyre just used to having me around completely stoned off my face and they're scared that I might actually move on without them.

Here's a small calculation of how many "cones" of weed I have smoked in my life... (a cone is one bong or one pipe full of weed.)

Approximately 20 cones a day over a period of about 11 or 12 years (since I was about 12 or 13 years old)

20 x 365 = 7300

7300 x 11 = 80 300

80 300!!!!

In each $25 bag of weed (which is how I buy it usually) you get about, 20 - 30 cones, so for the sake of this post, let's just say theres 30 cones in each bag.... I'll see how much I have spent roughly on weed in my lifetime...

80 300 divided by 30 = 2676.66 <--- thats how many bags I've bought... damn!

2676.66 x $25 = $66916.66

I cant believe that!!! No wonder I can't afford much of anything else!!!

$66916.66 over an 11 year period... equates to $6083.33 per year

You'd think the financial incentive would have been enough to make me quit YEARS AGO!

I feel great right about now, I can't wait to spend all this extra cash that I should have lying around in the coming weeks and months

Hopefully I don't spend my new found dollars on some new kind of addiction, like pokie machines or alcohol :P

By the way...
Thankyou to Erin for linking to my blog! thats so nice of you and I shall do the same as soon as I work out HOW TO!!! lol Oh wait I just found the link thingo... everyone GO LOOK AT ERINS BLOG!!!! It's much easier on the eye than mine. And it's more fun to read too!

Anyways, that's it for today unless I can think of something else to add later on. Thanks for stopping by to read my stuff. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Day One

I've given up weed before, but never before have I had so many compelling reasons to go through with it. Here are a few of the reasons why I have decided I am going to stop smoking weed.

1. So I am no longer one of the many people who spend half their life scheming ways to get weed.

2.So I have loads of extra cash to spend on other things in life, such as GOING PLACES!

3.So I can see if any of my friends are real friends or just fucking scabs.

4.So I can stay awake and alert for THE WHOLE DAY.

5.So I can re-establish the image I once had of myself, smart, funny, opposed to mental, boring and a hermit.

6.So I dont have to associate with people that are obviously going to end up in jail getting butt fucked.

7.So I can hold down a job and not spend every minute of the day at work thinking about how stoned Im going to get once I get home.

And the list could go on for quite some time but as this is my first post, I will leave it at that for now.

STAY TUNED to see how I go.... hopefully by this time next year I will have a new blog... My Life Without Weed